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We combine the art of cooking with the science of nutrition

Click here to order ready-made and healthy dishes delivered to your home for you, your colleagues or your family, directly from our chef to your table. A practical and tasty solution for your daily meals

Stop cooking! Click here and we will completely take care of your daily diet, choose the optimal plan and duration and forget about shopping, planning, preparation and cleaning.

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What's on the menu this week?


Healthy bowl with chicken



Choose your meal
Explore our selection of balanced meals, created to suit every palate and lifestyle.
We cook and deliver
We take care of everything, from selecting ingredients to preparing dishes full of flavour, to delivering them straight to your door.
Eat... and order again :)
If our meals have won you over, discover the convenience of our Wondermeal subscription service!



Fresh, healthy and balanced menus, delivered to your home every day

We offer a daily menu full of fresh, healthy and balanced dishes, delivered conveniently to your home. Our variety of ready-to-home meals will satisfy your tastes and nutritional needs.

Fresh pasta with pesto

Saving your time by freeing you from shopping, planning and cooking

Free your time from the burdens of daily shopping, planning and cooking. With our solutions, you can enjoy delicious meals without the stress of preparatory activities.

Smart Nutrition Bowl

Free home delivery

We offer you the convenience of free home delivery of ready meals, bringing the goodness and convenience of our meals directly to your home. Choose comfort without additional costs.

Avocado toast

Indication of nutritional values

Ogni piatto è accompagnato dall'indicazione chiara dei suoi valori nutritivi, consentendoti di prendere decisioni informate sulla tua alimentazione e mantenere il controllo su ciò che mangi.

Wondermeal meal plans

Quality raw materials

We use only the highest quality raw materials to ensure that each dish is an authentic and nutritious culinary experience. Quality is at the heart of every one of our ingredients.

Verdura di stagione



I nostri programmi alimentari sono piani strutturati per raggiungere specifici obiettivi di salute, benessere o performance promuovendo un'ampia varietà di ingredienti da tutti i gruppi alimentari, favorendo il bilanciamento di nutrienti, vitamine e minerali.

Pranzo Wondermeal
Wondermeal breakfast


Wondermeal dinner


Weight loss

The Light plan is suitable for those who want to improve their figure, but do not want to give up the taste and variety of meals.



The Balance plan is ideal for those who want to eat healthy and maintain their ideal weight.



The Power plan is designed for those who do intensive training with a high calorie requirement.



The Wondermeal team is like a family, united by a passion for good, healthy food. We work together with enthusiasm and a hint of fun, ensuring that every meal brings a smile as much as it fills you up.



Diana, the creator and creator of Wondermeal is the architect behind every process, from selecting the best ingredients to creating and delivering the finished meal.



Wondermeal's cooking wizard, Max is our culinary artist who transforms simple ingredients into masterpieces of flavor. Each of his recipes is an expression of creativity and passion.



Our driving ace, Fabrizio, is a true logistics expert. With his reliability and dedication, every meal arrives at its destination exactly as expected.


Nutritional Consultant

Elena, our Wondermeal nutritional consultant, is the wisdom and science behind every dish. Always ready with advice, Elena ensures that what is good for the palate is also friendly for the waistline!


di noi

Pancakes with berries
Noodles con gamberi

Innovative service for Ticino: it offers quality food, weighed, measured, healthy and tasty at the same time. It's like having a chef at home!

Lorenzo R.


With this service I finally have lunch and dinner always ready, super healthy and tasty, they arrive at the office on time! I reported any intolerances and I must say the dishes were truly excellent!

Nathalie I.


Per me è stata un’ottima soluzione per mangiare sano anche in ufficio, quando non ho tempo per prepararne prima! i piatti sono sfiziosi, personalmente adoro patate dolci con ceci o le polpette di pollo

Elena G.


Attiva il Programma

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Improve your lifestyle with Wondermeal!

Healthy meals
Healthy meals

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