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A smart, fresh and sustainable alternative to the company canteen

Fresh, homemade meals

Our meals are all home-made with local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients. We collaborate with small producers in the area to encourage the circular economy and promote local activities in Ticino.

There is something for everyone

We have developed over 200 healthy recipes to meet the needs of each employee in your company, also taking into account any intolerances or food preferences.

New week, new menu

We are aware of the importance of a varied menu to provide all the micro and macro elements necessary for the correct functioning of our body. Every dish we offer is carefully studied by the Wondermeal chef and nutritionist.

Increased productivity

Healthy food contributes to the well-being of your employees, increasing productivity and mental focus, as well as the motivation of your employees.

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Open and enjoy,
like the fridge at home

It's hard to resist the urge to use Wondermeal Smart Fridge. Easy, quick and always available... enjoying its convenience is child's play.

Here's how it works:


Download the app and open the fridge

After creating the account, you can unlock the fridge door by scanning the QR code


Look, choose and take the product

Lunch, snack or dinner? The menu can be consulted directly from the app at any time to find the right product


Close and enjoy. Enjoy your meal!

The Refrigerator recognizes the purchased products and charges the amount automatically from the payment method selected by the user

What do you find inside

Here are some examples of the dishes you can find inside our Smart Fridge


Our suppliers


They believe in us

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